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On March 3, 1995, Angel Bumpass was born to underage unwed mother. Angel's father wouldn't enter her life until she was ten years old. Her mother would take on a life of crime, forcing Angel and her six younger siblings to live with their grandparents. Angel's great grandfather was a preacher, so the family tried to maintain in the church. Begin the oldest grandchild in the house; Angel took on more responsibility. Excelling well in academics, Angel often helped her siblings with their school work.  During her free time, she would draw and do arts and crafts. Angel dreamed of having a better life, so she moved to Lousiville, KY, with a childhood friend at the age of sixteen.  Angel wanted to be a fashion designer. So after she graduated high school, Angel enroll in community college. Angel decided not to go to a university just yet. She wanted to work a fulltime job to save money up to move to New York City. Having plans to move to the big city to jump-start her fashion career, She worked very hard to save money to move to New York. Just before the big move, the universe had other plans for her. She found out she was expecting a bundle of joy after a lot of thought process and a conversation with her aunt. Her aunt encouraged her to follow her footsteps and become a nurse. Angel was excited about the new career change. She begin to look at different schools for nursing. She maintained to keep a high GPA and worked fulltime, and with hard work and dedication, she received her acceptance letter to the nursing program. Everything in Angel's future was looking bright. 

Until June 2018 at 6 am two detective knock on her door with a warrant for felony murder and especially aggravated robbery for a crime that took place nine years earlier. 

While Angel was lock up in Hamilton county jail, an attorney came to visit her. Angel's family had already hired an attorney (Jonathan Tuner). Garth Best, this new attorney, came to see Angel and promised that he would get the case dismissed in juvenile court. 

He said he had previously worked on numerous murder cases, and this would be a cakewalk.  A lawyer in KY had referred this law group to a family member in KY Angel thought that Best and Hayduk would be a good match. Angel fired Turner because she felt he did not get the bond amount low enough. 

Is Chattanooga police department and Hamilton county courts bias when it comes to the Bumpass name?  Well, let us start with the grandmother. The Chattanooga police department has arrested the grandmother at least six times. Each time the case is dismissed. The cases are either rejected because the state witnesses lied, or the state does not have enough evidence. Tim Bumpass was Angel's uncle, who was gunned down a mile from the family house at a baseball field. The District Attorney at the time William Cox said Tim contributed to his murder. Cox theory was that the killers had robbed and kilt Tim for drugs and money.  Yet Tim had no record of ever selling drugs. The police never found drugs at the killers' house. What they did find is bloody clothes with Tim's DNA on it. The cops finally made an arrested. The courts let the killers out on an own recognizance bond days later. The Tennessee victim advocacy never reached out to any family member. The ADA told the family not to come to any court dates. Ultimately one of the killers got five years and the other twenty years. The Chattanooga police do harras the family often. The cops would randomly come to the family house and stated that they had a 911 hangup. One time the family had no access to a phone at all. Then the police said when somebody 911 and hangs up, they can all pick up the areas near the towers the bounce off. They thought the call came from that house after being told several times they finally got a dispatch call to go to the right home.  Now, on the other hand, if any Bumpass family member has a complaint, nothing ever happens to the other party.

Thanks for all the support. Due to an overwhelming amount of emails. I can not respond to everyone's email. However, I do think you all.

Angel's address 000613074

TPW Unit 2 North A20

3881 Stewarts Ln

Nashville, TN 37218-3302