A miscarriage of justice happened when Angel Bumpass, who was 13 years old at the time of thiscrime was found guilty of first degree murder and attempt to commit robbery.  She has a life sentence which is 61 years in Tennessee.
Angel did not commit this crime and need the people of America to help seek justice for her

Angel's Story


2009 COLD CASE STILL UNSOLVED DUE TO THE FACT ANGEL BUMPASS, 13, WAS WRONGLY CONVICTED AND THE REAL KILLER IS STILL AT LARGE. At thirteen Angel Bumpass was an artist that drew cartoons and talked of starting a singing group. Angel was and still is an academic type. She graduated high school never missing a grade. Then she went on to college. 

If at thirteen a person, any person commits a violent, horrific crime, such as the crime that was committed against Mr. Bonner, some psychological effect would have been seen, noticed by someone. 

Angel had a normal teenage life and normal adult life up until 2018 when she was falsely accused, and now it is in chaos since she's been found guilty of a crime that she has no knowledge of. 

Angel's lawyers, Hayduk, Best, failed to present any type of mitigating circumstances, character witnesses to construct a picture as to who Angel was at that point in her life. To show that she was not culpable of anything of that nature. 

Angel's lawyers, Hayduk, Best, were highly disillusioned in the picture they painted leading Angel to believe she had no worries. It was all a mistake that would be sorted out, they told her. 

That sort never happened and on October 3, 2019 Angel was found guilty due to her lawyers not taking her case seriously. The damage they inflicted is at the expense of her life. 

JUSTICE NEEDS TO BE HEARD AND SERVED! Angels attorney's, Hayduk, Best, violated her constitutional rights when they failed to put any investigation effort into her defense. Any defense counsel has a duty to independently investigate the facts, circumstances, and law in every case they handle to be effective. The duty to investigate includes an obligation to investigate all witnesses who may have information concerning his or her client's guilt or innocence. Due to Angel's defense attorney deciding not to investigate or present a defense resulted in an inadequate performance that was unreasonable. Angel's lawyer lack of investigation and misrepresentation deprived the defendant of a fair trial. 

Angel's lawyer misrepresentation of the facts and laws clearly shows ineffective assistance. 

Now A Wrong Need To Be Corrected. Angel was given only thirty days for this manifestation of injustice to be corrected. 

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On October 3, 2019, Angel Bumpass was found guilty of a murder that was committed ten years earlier, by a jury after only 3 hours and 30 minutes approximately of deliberation. She now has a life sentence. 


On January 16,2009 Angel Bumpass was an eighth-grade honor roll student at Brown Middle School. That morning Angel rode the bus from her grandmother's house to school. It was a normal day for Angel, nothing out of the ordinary or spectator happened for her. She rode the bus to arrive home at 2:45 pm. 

....Nine years later in June 2018, she was a 23-year-old mother of two, in her second year of nursing school enrolled at JCTC, while also working a full-time job. Around 5:30 am that morning two detectives came to her door, shockingly, with a warrant for a felony murder to be served to Angel. A murder that she had no knowledge of. 

No one played attention to the fact that when Angel was 13, that was only 5 feet and weighed a mere 80 pounds. The evidence against Angel was two partial fingerprints that supposedly came from the tape that was used to tie the victim up. The tape in question also had eleven other fingerprints that are unknown and were not investigated. The tape after ten years was no longer available as it had been cut and balled up, yet a picture of the tape and fingerprints were allowed as evidence. 

Angel had a male co-defendant that was 13 years older than her that was found not guilty. Even though he had witnesses that testified to him confessing to solely committing to the murder of the victim. 

Angel and her male co-defendant were both adamant that they didn't know each other and when the witnesses testified against the male co-defendant they also testified that they didn't know Angel nor had the male co-defendant said anything about Angel involvement with him. 

Updates will be posted as they come.

Angel and her family are in over their heads in legal fees, yet Angel desperately needs to find justice for this false conviction. As you know the system falsely convicts people each day. Angel is in need. No amount is too small. Please help. 

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Get Involved

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Get Involved

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